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Hotel Del Buono Centro Benessere
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A way to lose weight, detoxify and rejuvenate in which the benefits of Yoga, meditation and harmonic singing ​are joined with the beauty of the territory and a light diet ​

Initial ​Medical check-up

Daily program
Breakfast: fruit and herbal teas
From 08:00 to 10:00 meditation lesson and conscious walk
Snack: cereals, vegetable milk, herbal teas, fruit and yogurt
11:00 am Spa circuit 
Lunch: salad or pinzimonio and vegetables soupe or vegetables 
and fruit extract
From 18:00 to 20:00 ​Yoga ​practice ​and ​N​aural ​S​inging
Dinner: Vegetable starter and a unique vegetarian dish

Medical check-up 

Special rate starting from 700,00 € per person if you booking before 30 May.

All day long the thalassotherapy pool with solarium and gym is available. 

The ​doctor​ will be at your disposal for any advice and need​ everyday.

Low-calorie nutrition, with limited use of protein and fat, helps the body to counteract agents of aging and many chronic and oncological diseases.

The diet offered to participants is based on the Diet of Longevity and the Fast Mimicking Diet, conceived by Prof. Valter Longo after years of scientific studies. ​

Yoga​:​ is a millennial practice that helps body, posture, breathing, and spirituality.
Thanks to Yoga, ​we​ can achieve ​personal​ balance and ​we can ​harmonize​ ourselves​with everything we have around to achieve a ​deep ​sense of peace and well-being.

Guided meditation ​:​ through movement, sound and breathing, ​we can ​awake vital energies to create, regain, and nourish ​a​ space of tranquility and peace that is overlooked and overwhelmed by the hectic and stressful life of today.

Guided Walking: Silent contemplation of nature ​will ​take place. Together with Yoga, it allows us to become more conscious and aware of our body, our thoughts and our emotions, reconciling with the environment in which we live.

Natural s​inging practice: ​​​it will ​help to listen to your own voice and the sound of the environment around, eliminating the physical and mental tension of each of us.

Teachers Names 

​Yoga: Claudia Roselli and Eleonora Cosner
Meditation Kamala Pensa
Natural Singing: Laura Cozzani

Language in which the ​Experiences​ is carried out: Italian-English 

Practical Level Yoga and Meditation: Beginners / Intermediate 

What to wear: Comfortable clothing for Yoga practice and walks, swimsuit for the Spa route



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