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Hotel Del Buono Centro Benessere
Room 1

Spa center treatments

Spa rule Euro 20,00 2 h

Kneipp treatment (walk in the water in special hot and cold baths, for all problems of the lower limbs; legs are left feeling light, toned and drained). Available also in packages of 6 or 12 sessions)
Sensorial Cave (indoor swimming-pool with aroma and music therapy, with Jacuzzi and fools for the neck)
Turkish bath (with aroma-chromo therapy detoxifies the organism, including the respiratory tract, useful also in case of muscular or articular pain)

Medical check-up Euro 47,00general check-up and planning of personalised treatments

Thalasso body scrub Euro 65,00 smoothing and moisturizing body treatment ideal for preparing the skin to specific treatment

Total lymphodrainage Euro 55,00manual massage, helps blood and lymphatic circulation, alleviates heavy and swollen legs and fights cellulite

Specific lymphodrainage Euro 33,00

Deep body regeneration Euro 53,00 moisturizing – regenerating treatment

Bio-body treatment Euro 53,00 with yoghurt and fruit or fresh vegetables

Vitality Euro 100,00 exfoliating and refreshing combined with a moisturizing face and body massage, a revitalizing eye massage and a relaxing touch to head, hands and feet

Chocolate therapy Euro 63,00 dark chocolate body wraps re-mineralize and revitalize the skin, thanks to polyphenols and flavonoids present in cocoa which stimulate the skin and fight the action of free radicals. Gives a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Lipo Sun Euro 63,00 with chocolate or green coffee for treating cellulite, water retention, adipose cushions; it stimulates tanning and increases epidermal firmness

Hot-stone therapy Euro 63,00 the soothing effect of hot lava stones, placed on the Chakras help the free flow of energy releasing energy blockages and relaxing muscles. Particularly indicated for those who suffer from arthritis and rheumatic problems and to eliminate tension and stress inducing a deep feeling of relaxation

Relaxing massage with four hands Euro 65,00

Relaxing massage Euro 33,00

Phyto massage with olive oil Euro 60,00 (nourishing, antioxidizing and vitamin supplying, ideal for dull skins

Wine therapy Euro 65,00 grape skin, rich in resveratrol and polyphenols with a high antioxidizing effect, is draining, improves circulation and stimulates cell regeneration leaving the skin refreshed and toned

Lomi Lomi massage Euro 60,00 traditional Hawaian massage of the soul, it rebalances the natural energy of body, soul and spirit

Shiatsu Euro 60,00 Japanese finger pressure massage which helps restore the body's natural energy balance

Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage Euro 60,00 massage with tepid essential oils which stimulates energy points rebalancing the organism and giving an immediate feeling of well-being and vitality

Shirobasti Euro 40,00 special technique of bathing the head in medicated oils

Pinda Sweda Euro 65,00 massage done with warm boluses

Energetic Tibetan massage Euro 60,00 considered the new "acupuncture without needles" it helps to rebalance energy

Ubatan Euro 70,00 specific treatment done with dried herbs, flour and oil, helps reactivate the adipose and muscular tissues and improves skin complexion

Foot reflexology Euro 60,00 ancient Chinese massage which rebalances the organism through finger pressure on the foot, stimulating the energy channels

Bamboo massage Euro 65,00 bamboo canes are massaged into the body using a combination of rolling, sliding and tapping which stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and relaxes stressed areas; it models and drains tissues

Thai massage Euro 70,00 it operates on the energy meridians to rebalance them. Locally, it operates on tense, stressed and stiff muscles, helping to recover general well-being

Nirvana Euro 90,00 after warming up the the meridians, the treatment loosens articulations and ends with a relaxing massage

Aroma massage Euro 55,00 pleasant relaxing massage done with essential oils according to individual needs. Ideal combined with detoxifying, purifying and slimming treatments

Back and cervical massage Euro 33,00 indicated in case of articular pain and tension) Available also in packages of 6 or 12 sessions

Total Thalatherm mud bath Euro 42,00 applied hot or cold, according to individual needs, it detoxifies, loosens muscles, slims and stimulates blood circulation

Specific Thalatherm mud bath Euro 26,00

SPA Aroma Euro 63,00 head to foot massage during mud Swedana treatment; after the shower the treatment ends with a back massage, ideal for relaxing and for purifying the skin

Antalgic mud Euro 16,00 indicated in case of articular, cervical, back, hands and feet pains) Available also in packages of 6 or 12 sessions

Paraffin wrap Euro 16,00 indicated in case of pain or inflammation of feet and hands, useful against dry skin, deeply moisturizing). Available also in packages of 6 or 12 sessions

Pressure therapy Euro 28,00 mechanical sequential massage which stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and helps against water retention and cellulite). Available also in packages of 6 or 12 sessions

Wrap Euro 22,00 a phytotherapic wrap is done with strips of cloth soaked in curative herb solutions; detoxifies, tones and revitalizes the skin

Hydro Turk Euro 22,00 phytotherapic hydromassage with aroma and chromo therapy: according to individual needs it can be relaxing, revitalizing, slimming and firming or revitalizing and toning

Facial cleansing Euro 46,00

Breast-dècolletè mask Euro 33,00 toning and firming massage, restores skin and tissue structure

Third eye massage Euro 33,00 manual head, face and neck massage, it loosens tension, relieves headaches and favours sleep

Specific face treatment Euro 42,00 moisturizing for normal skin, purifying and astringent for impure skins, restoring for dry skin, soothing for sensitive skin

Face mask Euro 52,00 restoring and revitalizing for stressed skin, it enhances elasticity, firmness and reduces wrinkles

Anti-aging, antioxidizing face treatment Euro 52,00 regenerating for mature skins

Face treatment with glycolic acid Euro 52,00 exfoliating, moisturizing, ideal for dull and thick skin

Face treatment with hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamins Euro 52,00

Bio face treatment Euro 32,00 with yoghurt and fresh fruit or vegetables

SPA-manicure Euro 26,00

SPA-pedicure Euro 34,00

Bathrobe rental Euro 5,00

Caps Euro 2,00

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