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Hotel Del Buono Centro Benessere
Room 1

Thalassotherapy Pool in Tuscany

The 'Hotel Del' in the Wellness Center is devoted to and truly makes use of the healthy properties of the Thalassotherapy. The Thalassotherapy has many health benefits for the body as the sea salt vitalises many functions of the body.

Benefits of Thalassotherapy

Detox Program - This will leave the body re -energised as toxins are expelled.

Energising Program - Will reactivate the body's metabolism.

Relaxing & Stress Relieving Program- The heat is like magic on the muscles and joints leaving them feeling relaxed and pain free.

Anti-Water Retention Program will soon have those legs back to normal and it helps diuresis.

Thalassotherapy provides optimal emollient and moisturising benefits as the minerals are absorbed by the body and give our skin valuable nutrients

Re vitalising & stimulating effect on blood circulation and lymphatic

Thalassotherapy is dedicated to , beauty and wellness.

Thalassotherapy compliments and enhances other specific health & well being programs along with a good diet Thalassotherapy will help to achieve that all important mental and physical oneness

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