Our philosophy?
"Leisure & Wellbeing"

Questo è il motto che seguiamo presso l'Hotel Del Buono per guidare i nostri clienti e pazienti verso il raggiungimento di un ottimale equilibrio psicofisico.

Fasting Mimicking Diet, Weight Loss Program, Detox Program

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Vanessa Solfanelli, Hotel Del Buono is able to offer its guests a wide range of personalized programs and therapies in order to combine leisure and wellbeing in a serene, relaxing environment.

Our programs always start with a medical check-up which dr. Solfanelli uses to create a personalized plan for each of our guests to fit their needs and physical condition. At the end of the program, after another visit, guests will receive an exercise and dietary regimen so that they can maintain the health benefits they have gained during their stay.

Our nutritional programs are based on caloric restriction and an accurate selection of foods. They benefit not only those who want to prevent diseases, detoxify their bodies or just take care of themselves, but also those who suffer from metabolic, degenerative or oncological illnesses. For this reason, our programs are beneficial to people who are coming out of a difficult period or prolonged therapies, even oncological treatments.

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