Dr. Vanessa Solfanelli

Passionate about becoming a doctor since her childhood years, Dr. Solfanelli obtained her degree in Medicine and specialized in Thermal Medicine at the University of
Milan. She later graduated from the AMIA School of Anti-Aging Medicine and Nutrition and followed the teachings of Prof. Valter Longo on the Fasting Mimicking Diet and the Longevity Diet at the Internal Medicine Department of the University of Genoa.

Dr. Solfanelli also studied phytotherapy and complementary medicine,
and her medical knowledge has been fundamental yo the Hotel. As a matter of fact, she was heavily involved in the creation of the SPA and the programs of the Hotel, which combine wellness with more traditional health treatments.

Dr. Solfanelli aims to help her patients achieve a correct lifestyle where physical health goes hand in hand with mental wellness. She believes that "Leisure & Wellness" is the best way to improve her patients' psycho-physical balance and benefit every aspect of their life and health.

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