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Try the group Fasting Mimicking Diet™: improve your body and spirit with travelmates who can support you.

Find your physical balance with our Fasting Mimicking Diet™ package. Our main goal is your wellbeing: with the help of a qualified doctor and Valter Longo's diet, in just 6 days you will find you ideal body balance. Doctor Vanessa Solfanelli, well-versed in anti-aging medicine, will follow your progress along every step of your nutritional journey.

After a preliminary screening of your current health, you will receive a customized dietary program that is based on the right nutrition and excercises for you.

A piece of advice: if possible, arrive one day early and leave one day after the end of the program. You will avoid excessive fatigue due to travels and changes in diet habits, and you will have a transition day at the end where you'll be monitored by our medical staff.

Scegli la settimana più adatta ai tuoi programmi e prenota subito il tuo viaggio nel benessere:

26 Luglio - 1 Agosto

23 - 29 Agosto

21 - 27 Settembre

25 - 31 Ottobre

The plan

Six days for your wellbeing; with our Fasting Mimicking Diet™ program you will be able to
re-establish your physiological balance and improve your physical form following
Prof. Valter Longo's program under the supervision of qualified personnel. Dr. Vanessa Solfanelli,
specialized in anti-aging medicine, will be by your side every step of the way.

The evaluation of your health status, a lifestyle based on the right diet,
an exercise regimen tailored on your needs and abilities and a custom therapeutic plan
will help you regain your best physical form.

Every day we will plan together your personalized treatments and a light exercise
program according to your health status.

We suggest getting here a day prior to the start of the program to not wear yourself out
due to the trip and to leave a day after to spend the last day
under medical surveillance.

Day 1: Evaluation

  • Check-in from 12 noon
  • Visit with Dr. Solfanelli: initial check-up and evaluation
    of the general health conditions
  • 2-hour SPA program

Day 2

  • 2-hour SPA program
  • medical examination

Day 3

  • 2-hour SPA program
  • medical examination

Day 4

  • 2-hour SPA program
  • medical examination

Day 5

  • 2-hour SPA program
  • medical examination

Day 6

  • check-up and issue of an exercise and diet plan to be followed
    autonomously; check out

Price for 5 nights starts from 550€ per person.

Additional advantages

In collaboration with L-Nutra Italia and ProLon.

We advise to add 2 extra days for the transition diet.

You will be able to decide the schedule of the treatments at check-in, according to your preferences and needs.

You will always have at your disposal, during the season, a thalassotherapic open-air panoramic pool or a country pool surrounded by a wonderful Tuscan landscape 1 km away from the Hotel - the perfect stop before a walk among woods and vineyards.

You will have access to our purifying and draining herbal teas collection, a perfect addition to the Fasting Mimicking Diet™.

You will also receive 1 body care product as a gift.

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