Enjoy the benefits of the Fasting Mimicking Diet™, to improve your physical form and purify your body.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet™ is a plan developed by Prof. Valter Longo which, through the regulation and monitoring of nutrition and energy intake, helps purify and regenerate the body.

We planned a therapeutic and detoxifying program that will help you get back to your best self. Let yourself be guided by the expertise of Dr. Veronica Solfanelli, specialized in anti-aging medicine and former pupil of Prof. Valter Longo, towards your own health objectives.

The plan

Six days for your wellbeing; with our Fasting Mimicking Diet™ program you will be able to
re-establish your physiological balance and improve your physical form following
Prof. Valter Longo's program under the supervision of qualified personnel. Dr. Vanessa Solfanelli,
specialized in anti-aging medicine, will be by your side every step of the way.

The evaluation of your health status, a lifestyle based on the right diet,
an exercise regimen tailored on your needs and abilities and a custom therapeutic plan
will help you regain your best physical form.

Every day we will plan together your personalized treatments and a light exercise
program according to your health status.

We suggest getting here a day prior to the start of the program to not wear yourself out
due to the trip and to leave a day after to spend the last day
under medical surveillance.

Day 1: Evaluation

  • Check-in from 12 noon
  • Visit with Dr. Solfanelli: initial check-up and evaluation
    of the general health conditions
  • 2-hour SPA program

Day 2

  • 2-hour SPA program
  • medical examination

Day 3

  • 2-hour SPA program
  • medical examination

Day 4

  • 2-hour SPA program
  • medical examination

Day 5

  • 2-hour SPA program
  • medical examination

Day 6

  • check-up and issue of an exercise and diet plan to be followed
    autonomously; check out

Additional advantages

In collaboration with L-Nutra Italia and ProLon.

Price for 5 nights starts from 550€ per person.

We advise to add 2 extra days for the transition diet.

You will be able to decide the schedule of the treatments at check-in, according to your preferences and needs.

You will always have at your disposal, during the season, a thalassotherapic open-air panoramic pool or a country pool surrounded by a wonderful Tuscan landscape 1 km away from the Hotel - the perfect stop before a walk among woods and vineyards.

You will have access to our purifying and draining herbal teas collection, a perfect addition to the Fasting Mimicking Diet™.

You will also receive 1 body care product as a gift.

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