Our philosophy

‘Care and recreation’

This is the motto we follow at Hotel Del Buono to guide our customers and patients towards achieving an optimal psychophysical balance.

Mimic Fasting Diet, Slimming and Detox Programme

Hotel Del Buono, thanks to the support and experience of Dr. Vanessa Solfanelli, offers its customers a series of customised paths to take care of themselves by combining treatment with recreation, with personalised therapies in a serene and relaxing environment.

The proposed courses always begin with a medical examination, which is the basis on which Dr Solfanelli adapts the programmes and courses offered by the hotel to the needs and well-being conditions of all patients. This initial examination is accompanied by a final evaluation and the planning of a diet and exercise programme to be followed independently at the end of the course at the hotel, to consolidate and maintain the results obtained.

Our diet programmes, based on calorie restriction and care in food selection, are not only suitable for those who want to prevent, detoxify or take care of themselves, but also for those suffering from metabolic, chronic degenerative and oncological diseases.
For this reason, the proposed courses are also useful for those coming out of difficult periods or prolonged treatment, even in the oncological field.


The diet we propose is not just slimming, but is based on the Longevity Diet devised by Prof. Valter Longo, who has been studying cell stimulation for more than 20 years through calorie restriction and the use of functional active ingredients in food, to stimulate the cells’ capacity for survival and thus longevity, and regenerate the entire organism by counteracting the tendency to acidify tissues, which is harmful to the body’s chronic inflammatory and degenerative processes.

The diet includes a complete programme consisting of:

  • nutritional programme
  • detoxifying treatments
  • physical exercise
  • scrupulous medical supervision by highly specialised personnel
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Improve your fitness, choose the Slimming Programme.

The complete programme consists of:

  • nutritional programme
  • beauty treatments
  • exercise

In addition:

  • you will discover the right things to eat
  • you will relax with massages and mud baths
  • discover or increase your well-being through exercise
  • you will always be supervised by your doctor and specialised personnel
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If you want to get in shape by purifying your body, choose the Detox Programme and the ideal tips.

The programme includes a detoxifying diet and spa treatments; it will help you because:

  • thanks to a diet based on fresh and organic products, you will find the right balance of proteins, fats, fibres, vitamins and minerals, and you will eliminate toxins accumulated through an unhealthy diet
  • you will relax with massages and mud baths; stress can also intoxicate our body and this course is aimed at purifying mind and body and regenerating the whole person to better face everyday life
  • you will learn that the small renunciations and sacrifices required will soon be repaid by a notable general psycho-physical improvement
    all under the scrupulous medical supervision of specialised personnel
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To counteract the negative effects of advancing time, take a few days to yourself and follow our Anti-Aging Programme:

  • say goodbye to stress and tension in our SPA
  • you will have the opportunity to take invigorating walks in the enchanting places of Tuscany, among woods, vineyards and ancient villages
  • you will have our qualified staff at your disposal, ready to pamper you with invigorating and regenerating massages
  • you will always be under medical supervision and the supervision of specialised personnel.
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Health Professionals

Dr. Vanessa Solfanelli

Passionate and eager to become a doctor from an early age, she graduated in Medicine and Surgery, later specialising in Thermal Medicine at the University of Milan. She later graduated from the AMIA school of anti-aging medicine and nutrition and followed Prof. Valter Longo’s teachings on the Mim Digiuno™ Diet and on the Longevity Diet at the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Genoa.

His expertise also includes Phytotherapy and Complementary Medicine.

His medical expertise has been central in the design and creation of the SPA and in the creation of pathways that incorporate wellness into the traditional therapeutic framework, to help his patients achieve a correct lifestyle that promotes both the physical and psychological wellbeing of the individual.

He believes that ‘care and recreation‘ is the optimal way to achieve all-round psychophysical improvement, which is reflected on every level of his patients’ health and lives.

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