Fasting Mimicking Diet™

The Fasting Mimicking Diet, or FMD, was studied and developed by Prof. Valter Longo. He is teacher of Gerontology and Biological Sciences, Director of the Longevity Institute at the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology (University of Southern California) and Director of the Oncology and Longevity program at the IFOM in Milan.

Thanks to his research, Prof. Longo developed a 5-day nutritional plan which leads the body into a state of "mimicked fasting" through caloric restriction and selection of natural foods. This state helps cellular renovation and the fight against chronic inflammations and degenerative illnesses. As such, this diet is ideal in situations of
metabolic, degenerative, and oncologic illnesses.

Dr. Vanessa Solfanelli, specialized in Thermal Medicine and Nutrition, has been a pupil of Prof. Longo. She has developed a program to be adapted to each of her patients during their stay at Hotel Del Buono. The location and variety of services offered by the Hotel allow our guests to follow the exercise and nutrition plan and enjoy complete relaxation in the marvelous landscapes painted by the Tuscan hills.

The program of the Fasting Mimicking™ Diet includes:

  •  initial check-up
  • daily medical examinations
  • tailor-made nutrition plan
  • detox treatments
  • exercise plan
  • final check-up
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