Mimic Fasting Diet – Mima Digiuno™ Diet

Enjoy the beneficial effect of Mima Digiuno™ Diet™, to improve your fitness and purify you: a complete renewal of your body.

7 days with wellness programmes and constant medical check-ups to restore your physiological balance

Mima Digiuno Diet™ is a method theorised and developed by Prof. Valter Longo which, through careful regulation and monitoring of nutrition and energy intake, helps the body to purify and regenerate itself.

We have designed a therapeutic and purifying stay for you that will help you regain your best physical shape. Let yourself be guided by the experience of Dr.Vanessa Solfanelli, anti-ageing physician and student of Prof. Longo, towards the well-being you deserve.


Seven days dedicated to wellbeing: with our Mima Fasting Diet™ package, you can recover your physiological balance and improve your fitness by following Prof. Valter Longo’s programme under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Dr Vanessa Solfanelli, doctor
anti ageing, will accompany you from the beginning of your nutritional journey until you reach your goal.

The assessment of your current state of health, the setting up of a lifestyle based on correct nutrition and an exercise regime tailored to you and personalised therapy will be the ingredients that will enable you to regain your fitness.

Each day we will agree with you, depending on your state of well-being, a light physical activity that can be done outdoors or in the hotel, and personalised treatments.

We recommend that you arrive a day before the start of the programme and leave a day later to avoid excessive fatigue due to travelling and to spend the last day of the transition under medical supervision.

Day 1: Evaluation
  • check-in (from 12 noon)
  • preliminary examination and health assessment with Dr Vanessa Solfanelli,
    anti-aging physician
  • 2-hour SPA
Day 2
  • 2-hour SPA
  • medical check-up
Day 3
  • 2-hour SPA
  • medical check-up
Day 4
  • 2-hour SPA
  • medical check-up
Day 5
  • 2-hour SPA
  • medical check-up
Day 6
  • follow-up visit with the issuing of a nutrition plan and exercise programme for
    maintenance to be followed independently
  • check-out


In collaboration with L-Nutra Italia and ProLon.

7 nights from €850/person

Two extra days are recommended for the transition diet.

  • You can schedule treatment times when you check in, according to your preferences.
  • You will always have access, in season, to the outdoor thalassotherapy pool, located on an extraordinary panoramic terrace, or the country pool immersed in the Tuscan landscape 1 km from the hotel, the perfect stop before a wellness walk through woods and vineyards.
  • You will have access to our herbal tea service, purifying and draining, perfect to accompany the Mima Digiuno™ Diet.
  • You will receive 1 free wellness product.




Sharing your wellness journey with a group of people can be extremely helpful and motivating!

The weeks in which we organize groups for the MIMA DIGIUNO DIET represent a unique opportunity to join a community of individuals who share the same goals and face the same challenges.

Discover the available dates:

  • From May 26th to June 2nd
  • From June 30th to July 7th
  • From August 4th to August 11th
  • From August 25th to September 1st
  • From September 1st to September 8th
  • From September 29th to October 6th
  • From October 27th to November 3rd

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